This page contains links to game websites and downloads. These games were designed for prior versions of Windows, so some games may not work on your computer.

 DX-Ball is a brick-breaking style game created by Michael P. Welch. This game contains numerous levels in which you break colored bricks using a ball and paddle. You can score power-ups too, such as double ball, fire ball, and others that help you break more bricks. The link to the original game is located in the middle of the page close to the "Scorched Tanks" banner. screenshot

 Chip's Challenge is a puzzle/adventure game created by Chuck Somerville, included in the Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack. In this game, the player, as "Chip", must make his way through a maze, in which lies many tools, hazards, and monsters. screenshot

 Rodent's Revenge is a puzzle computer game created by Christopher Lee Fraley, in which your goal is to trap the evil cats by pushing blocks and encasing them. There are 50 levels, and each one is a little harder than the last, so think wisely. screenshot

 SkiFree is a virtual skiing game created in 1991 by Chris Pirih. In SkiFree, the player character is controlled by the mouse, or the directional keypad, and the object of the game is to ski down a large slope while avoiding obstacles. You have the option at the start of the game to enter three different courses, or, just ski free. Be careful after a while of skiing, for there are creatures out there... screenshot

 JezzBall is a computer game created by Dima Pavlovsky, where the goal is to trap red-and-white balls that bounce off the wall in small spaces. As each level progresses, more balls appear in the playing field, and you must use your quick wits and timing to score at the game. screenshot is a free online game website with a wide variety of just about every type of game you could want. Check out their extensive library of free games and make time fly as you get lost in fun!

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