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Here is where I keep links to various websites I find interesting, as well as useful online tools and services."The World's Largest Web Developer Site", is dedicated to providing web-building resources to developers of any experience level.

ImTranslator: A text translator that can translate text and convert it to speech, and features a realistic animated face that speaks the words. A more advanced alternative to Google Translate.

Online Image Editor: A neat online tool that can add a bunch of effects to your pictures, and can create animated .gifs. can download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion and most video sites.

Online Convert: Converts files such as audio, video, images, and more. A nice site where you can easily make Animated .Gifs.

Online MIDI Sequencer: This MIDI sequencing tool allows you to create short MIDI files for use as ringtones and more.

Atom Smasher's Error Message Generator: Prank your friends with this cool error message generator! Features a wide variety of icons to go with your error text.

Acme Labelmaker: With this cool tool, you can make and customise "Dymo" style personalised lables.

StartPage Search Engine: A privacy-centered search engine that uses search results from Google, yet records no personal information. A good alternative to Google. (formerly The DMOZ Open Directory Project): The largest human-edited directory of websites on the internet, Curlie, the successor to DMOZ, is the best place to find pages of every type and subject on the web. Follow link after link and get lost in the Internet. Note: the original DMOZ was closed in March 2017.

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