About this Site

This website was inspired by the user-made sites that were abundant on the Web from the 1990's to mid 2000's. Being a child of the early 2000's, I grew up during the later years of Web 1.0, and I remember encountering many of those neat websites, made with basic HTML, with their animated .gifs and little buttons at the bottom advertising Netscape or Internet explorer among various other web browsers and sites, and eye-catching colorful backgrounds. Websites like this started to decline around the mid 00's, when social media sites like MySpace and Facebook gradually began to supplant the personal-site mainstays of GeoCities, Tripod and Angelfire, and since then the Web as a whole began to take on a more 'modern' look centered on subdued colors and uniformity, taking away a bit of the 'charm' of the old Net. I've always liked the old Internet look, so I created this website in a similar vein. No premade templates or easy '3-steps and it's done' website builders, just Notepad, HTML and some picture files. Before I made this site, I had learned of basic HTML during school, and had thought about creating a website of my own. When I discovered NeoCities, I spent some time online learning more HTML so I could have my own little place online. Since its creation in 2013, my website has grown in scope and content and serves as my main hub on the Web for my artwork and occasional writings, and is overall a lovingly crafted and artistic homage to the Web 1.0 aesthetic I adore. Thank you for visiting; I hope you enjoy it here!

My website also contains links to fun games, animated gifs and backgrounds, HTML/web design resources, as well as useful online tools and services. Feel free to check out everything on my site, and bookmark it so you can keep track of its progress.

About Me

Self-portrait as of March 31, 2022

    ""Fun"" facts about me:
  • I am an aspiring animator(eventually!)
  • I love to draw even though I don't draw enough...
  • I love thrift store Goodwill hunting :)
  • I have a weird affinity for boxy, squarish automobiles from the late 70s through early 90s
  • Adventuring is a passion of mine; I love driving and roadtrips and going wherever the highway takes me
  • Abandoned buildings and dead/nearly dead malls are interesting
  • I'd be much more into computers if I had the money for components (any day now, crypto GPU hoarders)
  • I never do get enough sleep
  • I am an instant ramen goddess

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