Material Desires

No human loves me and even plants uproot themselves to get away from me, so all I do is wallow in self-pity and think about stuff I can't afford, which motivates me just enough that I don't become An Hero. Maybe if you stay in drugs and say no to school, you could have all this lame stuff one day!

-A 1980s to early 1990s full-size sedan manufactured by either General Motors or Ford Motor Company, with a squared, boxy design (because streamlining is like, for chumps, plus I need the ability to sit groceries on the hood)(-grandma sunday cruiser squad checking in)

-A Valentine One radar detector (so I don't get caught speeding in aforementioned sedan)

-A turbocharger (so I can actually speed in aforementioned sedan)

-a AA Battery adapter cable (so I can actually use my cheap old digital camera to animate stuff for hours on end without eating through like a million batteries)

-An enclosed instruction book on how to animate stuff properly

-Moar RAM for computer (because downloading it didnt work):/

-Various used appliances in case I ever become an actual functioning young adult and live on my own  because dat vintage appliance aesthetic

- P.F. Flyers so I can run faster and jump higher

- a life

feel free to donut several tips of millions of dollars in order to buy all these things for me k thx bai

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